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What’s the Best Spanish Learning Software?

A comparison of the best Spanish learning software will help you chose the program that fits your learning style. Learning to speak Spanish should be a pleasant and rewarding experience, and you just need the best software that teaches in a manner that caters to your unique learning style.

Tell Me More Spanish

The number one recommended Spanish learning software is Tell Me More. This software helps you master the language by using an interactive speech-recognition technology. Assessment tests allow you to track your progress. With over seven million users, this program has a 95% success rate. In addition to learning the language, Tell Me More Spanish also teaches you about Spanish culture and traditions.

Learning Spanish Like Crazy

An audio based learning style, this software teaches Latin American Spanish. It is easy to use and has no textbooks. You learn the same way you learned to speak your native language as a child. You can listen and learn while you are performing other tasks because you are not tied to a textbook.

Rocket Spanish

This software has much to offer anyone endeavoring to learn Spanish. User friendly, Rocket Spanish offers interactive audio and visual lessons, self-assessment test, and a forum where Rocket Spanish teachers are available to answer your questions. A free six day course is available to help you get familiar with the software.

Rosetta Stone Spanish

This well-known software teaches you to think in Spanish by utilizing interactive audio and visual tools. Immersion is the key concept of Rosetta Stone. Images and words spoken by native Spanish speakers teach you to speak instinctively. This software can teach you to speak Latin American Spanish or Spanish as it is spoken in Spain.

Pimsleur Spanish

This program has a 25 year history and is all audio. Available in MP3 format and divided into 30 minute lessons, this program teaches the most common words and phrases so you can be speaking quickly and fluently.

Fluenz Spanish

Geared towards adult learners, Fluenz Spanish tries to replicate a one-on-one learning experience. Rather than relying on picture associations with words, this software stresses useful vocabulary and sentence structure. It offers a flexible approach to teaching Spanish on a basic or advanced level.

Visual Link Spanish

Eight years in research and development, this software stresses learning to converse in Spanish rather than dwelling on grammar and sentence structure. The company website offers 11 free Spanish lessons to get you started.

Synergy Spanish

Stressing speed and ease, Synergy Spanish offers five free lessons on their website and concentrates on teaching you how to effectively communicate with native Spanish speakers. Focusing on useful combinations of the most commonly used Spanish words, this software is divided into short audio lessons and will have you progressing from words to sentences in the first lesson.

The Verbarrator

This software is composed of 34,000 audio files that teach 567 verbs and 20 verb tenses. This interactive software allows you to learn verb conjugation with or without phrases. It is a good tool for learning Spanish or improving your fluency in the language.

Instant Immersion Spanish

This software offers audio, video, and workbooks to facilitate your learning process regardless of your natural learning style. Interactive quizzes and activities will help you to think in Spanish as well as speak the language.

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