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Slack Alternatives for Open Source

With the growing businesses and companies, the need for all the employees and different teams to co-work in a planned manner has become essential. Even the work of a single team is nowadays so interdependent on each of the team members’ collaboration with each other. If you are a team leader or business head looking out for software that can ease up this effort for you, then your answer is Slack. 

Slack is basically a collaboration hub wherein all your team members can work together and get the work done. As good as the Slack software may be, in this world of competition today, many reasons have been cited my users to look for Slack alternatives for open source. There are many issues with the inbox history limitation or that of Slack being a team-centric hub, which has led people to look for good alternatives for Slack. Here is our list of the best picks for Slack alternatives:

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1.Rocket Chat: Being one of the top alternatives for Slack in the market, Rocket Chat is the best bet for anyone wanting to host their own chat services. It has many amazing features like audio and video conferencing that are used regularly in team meetings, countless customization and integration options, real-time translation of voice into more than 30 languages and so much more. Rocket Chat is free and certainly one of the best slack alternatives for open source.

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2.Mattermost: This is another good open source alternative to Slack and offers promising features. It is self-hosted and allows for features that modernize your communication system in the team. It also offers multilingual support, integration & customization options and much more. Although it has a free version for small teams, its enterprise version has countless features that can make your collaboration hub completely stand out.

3.Ryver: One of the best integrators of group chat, task management, and an amazing workflow engine, Ryver sure does stand out among its competitors. It allows for unlimited file sharing and collaborations among the team members making it one of the most flexible open source slack alternatives. It also supports voice and video calling capabilities and many more of such functionalities. Although it is not completely free, the charges are affordable and definitely worth it!

4.Chanty: Although this team chat tool is still in its Beta phase, it is good for all the businesses out there to keep an eye on its developments. It is a simple team chat tool that is powered by AI and allows for smooth file sharing and messaging. It comes with promises of absolutely seamless team collaboration and communication characteristics, which could be a great alternative for Slack.

With the growing competition in the market, it may not be tough for anyone to find a good Slack alternative for open source. After all, only the best in the market can survive in this world of a technological revolution!

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