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Learning French With French Learning Software

Learning a new language can be difficult at worst and confusing at best. The French language is beautiful and elegant. If you want to learn the French language, you will want to get a piece of software that fits your needs and learning abilities. We will go over a three of the more well known French learning software applications. Some of the criteria you will need to make a decision involve popularity, coverage of the materials and cost of software.

Three Language Learning Software Programs

One of the more comprehensive French language software programs which is at the top of Google results is Tell Me More Performance French which provides several interactive features. This software costs $400.

An extremely popular program for learning French is the Rocket French software. It utilizes images, text, and sound to create interactive and immersion experience for the user. It is good for the beginner through advanced student so you can use this for sometime in learning French. They claim to have the best program, because of the immersion in French…which is proposed as the best way to learn a language. The cost can be anywhere from $299.95 to $99.95. The higher cost is for physical delivery of CDs versus downloading the software.

Francious le Roux is another popular system for learning French. They have 400 learning lessons… and an beginner, intermediate, and advanced program for your level. This French Learning Software doesn’t have as much material as some programs, but is relatively cheap at $55.

There are many French learning software applications out there and we have barely skimmed the surface. Remember buying based on popularity may not always lead to the best choice. Overall, you can find greater expansion with some of the more expensive programs, but there is software out there which will cover the basics and also be cost effective.

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