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How to Download YouTube Videos Using SS?

YouTube is mostly the preferred platform when it comes to post and view videos. Though it came into existence in 2005, its popularity today is just next to Facebook in terms of viewership. Often, it happens that you watch some video on YouTube and then want to download it. If you are worried that you will have to install a YouTube video downloader for it, just relax. You can go through this article, which will teach you how to download YouTube videos using SS.

Downloading YouTube videos is not unethical in any way. Those who have sweated to make and upload it has done it so that people watch, download and share it and gets enriched in some way or the other.

WhyHow to Download Youtube Videos Using SSis Beneficial?

Downloading any YouTube video using this prefix “ss” enables the user to download it without the need for installing any application on the system. It also doesn’t require any extension on the browser. It is very easy and simple as you just need to add two letters “ss” to the video URL that you intend to download. This works across devices whether iPhone, Android or Windows. This can be used when downloading on desktops or laptops and works in all browsers.

Another benefit of using this is that the YouTube videos you want can be downloaded in any format, for example, MP3, MP4, MPEG and FLV. You can also convert the video to MP3 format directly, which is generally the most preferred format. The only thing that you cannot download is restricted videos on YouTube.

Now that we know the benefits, let’s see how to use the prefix “ss”.

  • Go to any browser that you use on your device and open YouTube on it.
  • Search the video you want to download.
  • Play the video and then pause it.
  • Now you go to the video URL and simply add the letters “ss” after www and before the “youtube.com…” and click enter.
  • While doing so, you will be directed to another page, which is the parent website of www.ssyoutube.com. It is known as ‘save from’ and you can save the video there. On this page, you will get all the relevant information regarding the video that you are interested in downloading. This includes things like duration of video, its title, and the download link. Just besides ‘Download’, you will find a drop-down menu where you can select the format in which you want to download it. To convert the given video into MP3 format, just click on “HD/MP3” and start downloading.
  • Once the download completes, the video will be there in the download folder in the format specified by you. It is that easy and simple.

Now that you know how to download YouTube videos using ss, start using it and keep downloading your favourite videos on your devices and watch them whenever you want.

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