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How Much Should You Sell in Your Sales Copy?

We are often encouraged to write big when working on a sales copy. Of course, the bigger our attack, the more capable we are in captivating our target audiences and turning them into loyal customers. However, while it pays to go big and grand, it is also important that you know how to structure your sales copy.

Seasoned sales copywriters don’t write everything about the products that they are selling. Many may not notice this, but when you carefully read through the copy and compare it with the actual product being discussed, you will realize that not all features are mentioned in the copy. This is rather a strategic approach, as in order to get your target customers, you should know how much to sell.

Most sales copywriters do the following tricks:

Choose the biggest selling point of your product.

When selling something, you must first be aware of all your product’s features and qualities. Once you have listed them down, you have to choose which of them is the biggest selling point. This feature may be an upgrade to the current version of the product in the market, a new item that’s not found even among its competitors, a more convenient solution to an ongoing problem, among others.

Identifying this selling point allows you to come up with a strong and captivating headline. Because at first glance, your audience would see immediately what’s in your product and how it affects them.

Include the other features related to your main selling point.

Once you have settled on your main selling point, you should support this with other features related to it. This is to create a more detailed picture of your sales pitch, and with these features on hand, the deeper your audience gets to know about your product and also your brand as a whole.

These supporting features likewise enable you to engage in a conversation with your readers, which is fundamental not only building rapport but more importantly, credibility and trust.

Add facts.

Yes, you should include facts in your sales copy. Facts solidify your claims and promises. Facts also allow your readers to strengthen the trust they intend to give you, and they become more persuaded to try your brand.

You may want to add the facts that directly support your headline and its relevant features in order to enrich your story to your readers. Facts make your sales copy more enticing, and they captivate those who have having second thoughts about your offer too.

Highlight the benefits.

It is also very important that you add key benefits to the product you are selling. Benefits and perks allow your audience to see how much they need your product, and how it affects or solves the problems they are facing. When adding the list of benefits, you may want to craft them in such a way that they mention a problem and how this could be solved, or mention new ways to utilise the product’s features, particularly those that have never been done or experienced by your readers before.

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